Mediaeval Baebes

The Medaeval Baebes are a British musical ensemble founded in 1996 by Dorothy Carter and Katharine Blake. It included some of Blake's colleagues from the band Miranda Sex Garden, as well as other friends who shared her love of medieval music. The lineup often rotates from album to album, and ranges from six to twelve members. As of 2010, the group sold some 500,000 records worldwide, their most successful being Worldes Blysse with 250,000 copies purchased.


1997 Salva Nos
1998 Worldes Blysse
2000 Undrentide
2002 The Rose
2005 Mirabilis
2008 Illumination
2012 The Huntress
2013 Of Kings and Angels

2006 Live
2010 Temptation

Compilations and soundtracks
1999 The Best of the Medaeval Baebes
2003 Mistletoe and Wine
2006 The Virgin Queen - Music from the Original Television Series
2012 Devotion
2017 Victoria

2000 Live at The Rehearsal Hall
2006 Medi?val B?bes
2009 Live at Gloucester Cathedral
2015 In Concert At Berkeley Castle (