These are my most wanted subjects, which I would die to own <3

Animals: Cats: British Shorthair
Animals: Dogs: Siberian Husky
Characters: Book/Movie: Armand (Vampire Chromicles)
Characters: Book/Movie: Daenerys Targaryen (ASoIaF)
Characters: Book/Movie: Lucius Malfoy(Harry Potter)
Characters: Book/Movie: Marius (Vampire Chronicles)
Characters: TV: Willow (Buffy)
Characters: TV: Callisto (Xena)
Characters: TV: Gabrielle (Xena)
Literature: Discworld series
Literature: The Vampire Lestat
Movies: Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Musicians: Bands/Groups: Lacuna Coil
Musicians: Bands/Groups: My Dying Bride
Musicians: Female: Enya
Mythology/Religion: Anubis
Mythology/Religion: Norse Mythology
Nature: Space
Nature: Galaxies
Book/Movie/TV Misc: Slytherin House